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Mike Melvill - first astronaut to fly in a privately financed spacecraft.

This section of the World Space Flight family is dedicated to short biographies and flight records of all the astronauts and cosmonauts. The pages organized alphabetically and by nationality are restricted to those individuals who have either actually flown in space, or died during training or on missions. The astronaut and cosmonaut group pages include individuals who have trained but left the programs before actually having flown (or are still awaiting their first flight). There are some individuals who were never formally part of a group (space tourist Dennis Tito, for example) and will not be represented in the group pages.

The basic records are complete for people who have flown. This includes name, birth date, birth place, nationality, and the sequential listing of flights including dates and duration. In instances where an individual does not return on the same flight which took him/her into space, the upload flight is listed first, followed by the down load flight. Still to be added are education, etc.

A word about the nationality of various individuals listed:
  Some people were born in one or another republic of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). If they were born in Russia, they are counted as Russian.
  If they were born in Kazakhstan, they are counted as Kazakh.
  USSR is not regarded as a nationality.
  Some people were born in one country, emigrated to another and took a different citizenship. If they flew as citizens of the adopted country, they are counted as such.
  Some people have dual citizenship. These people are counted by a very simple rule... whose flag was on their sleeve when they launched?

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Who/How many people are currently in space?
Alphabetical Listing of Names
Listing of Names by Nationality
Listing of Names by Birth Year
Listing of Names by Birth Nation
Listing of the Unflown Astronauts/Cosmonauts/Yuhanguans
Order in which astronauts/cosmonauts/yuhanguans made their first flights
Astronaut Groups
Cosmonaut Groups
Yuhangyuan Groups
International Groups
Teacher-in-Space Program
Journalist-in-Space Program
States of Birth of the U.S. Astronauts


US Astronaut Hall of Fame Inductees


Who Is ...? A short international guide to space pioneers.


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Soviet photo page


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