US Battleships

Have you ever gotten curious about something, and just couldn't let go until you found the answer? Well, I got curious about battleships. My question was, "Are there any states which have not had a battleship named after them?" Here are the results of my search.

Alabama BB-8; BB-60
Arizona BB-39
Arkansas BB-33
California BB-44
Colorado BB-45
Connecticut BB-18
Delaware BB-28
Florida BB-30
Georgia BB-15
Idaho BB-24; BB-42
Illinois BB-7 BB-65
Indiana BB-1; BB-58 BB-50
Iowa BB-4; BB-61 BB-53
Kansas BB-21
Kentucky BB-6 BB-66
Louisiana BB-19 BB-71
Maine No Hull #; BB-10 BB-69
Maryland BB-46
Massachusetts BB-2; BB-59 BB-54
Michigan BB-27
Minnesota BB-22
Mississippi BB-23; BB-41
Missouri BB-11; BB-63
Montana BB-51; BB-67
Nebraska BB-14
Nevada BB-36
New Hampshire BB-25 BB-70
New Jersey BB-16; BB-62
New Mexico BB-40
New York BB-34
North Carolina BB-55 BB-52
North Dakota BB-29
Ohio BB-12 BB-68
Oklahoma BB-37
Oregon BB-3
Pennsylvania BB-38
Rhode Island BB-17
South Carolina BB-26
South Dakota BB-57 BB-49
Tennessee BB-43
Texas No Hull #; BB-35
Utah BB-31
Vermont BB-20
Virginia BB-13
Washington BB-56 BB-47
West Virginia BB-48
Wisconsin BB-9; BB-64
Wyoming BB-32
Kearsarge BB-5

Alaska and Hawaii have never had a battleship named after them. Battleships had essentially become obsolete by the time either became a state. Montana has never had a battleship named after it that was completed and commissioned.

The first two battleships (Texas and Maine, built in that order) did not have hull numbers (BB designations).

Kearsarge is an anomaly as it is the only battleship not named after a state.