USS Donner LSD-20



Spacecraft Recovery
    31 January 1961: Mercury-Redstone 2, carrying Ham (chimpanzee) after a sub-orbital flight.

Casa Grande Class Dock Landing Ship
    Launched, 6 April 1945, at Boston Naval Shipyard, Boston, MA. 
    Commissioned USS Donner (LSD-20), 31 July 1945 
    Decommissioned, 12 August 1949 
    Laid up in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet 
    Recommissioned, 15 September 1950 
    Decommissioned (date unknown) 
    Struck from the Naval Register, 1 November 1976 
    Laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, James River, Fort Eustis, VA. 
    Final Disposition, to be scrapped in late 2003 at Able UK, Teeside, England 

    Displacement 4,490 t.(lt), 9,375 t.(fl) Length 457' 9" Beam 72' 2" Draft 18' Speed 15 kts. Complement 326 Boats, (Well Deck Capacity) 18 LCMs Aircraft, 9 helicopters on added flight deck Armament one 5"/38 DP gun mount, two twin 40mm gun mounts, two quad 40mm gun mounts, 16 single 20mm gun mounts Propulsion, two geared turbines, 2 shafts, 7,400 SHP

More information on USS Donner from the United States Navy.

Scrapped at All Star Medals, Brownsville, TX in March 2005.