Blast From the Past

Here is a small collection of old programs, utilities, and web pages.

Honky Tonk Cafe - A midi jukebox dating from about 1996. Originally written when Netscape Navigator 3 reigned supreme. And, yeah, I know these midi's sound lame, but this was the mid-90's! It would be another year before mp3's were really introduced to the public. Winamp made its debut in 1997.

Countdown to the Millennium - This page originally appeared in EARLY 2000. It displayed the time remaining before the ACTUAL beginning of the 21st century. Obviously, the countdown ended years ago. The only changes made in the page are the deletion of the counter and a link back to this page.

Weird Clocks - This pages contain some off-the-wall clocks. These clocks were originally written circa 1993/4 when Windows 3.1 was in vogue. Last time they were compiled was about 2000 when they first appeared on the web. As stated on the page, they work with Windows 3.x, 95, and 98. They definitely do NOT work on Windows NT 4.0. Unless you have an older machine and OS, they won't work. As above, the only changes made in the page are the deletion of the counter and a link back to this page.

DOS Stuff for Old-timers - This a collection of programs written for DOS about 1994. Most are DOS knock-offs of common Unix/Linux commands. Surprisingly, all of these seem to work from the command prompt of 32-bit Windows at least up to XP. If you have a 64-bit version of Windows, forget about it. And once again, the only changes are the deletion of the counter, a link back to this page, the link to WebCal which has existed on this site for quite a while now and the deletion of two links to places that no longer exist.

Here are some individual pages, all dating from the mid-1990's.

You might be a redneck if... - 300 redneck jokes.

Paybacks from the South - Are Northerners "bluenecks?"

A Dangerous Chemical - Funny? Or pathetic?

The Dark Side of Self-Esteem - Hmmm.

PUNishment - G-R-O-A-N!!!

Dead Horses - Some tribal wisdom.

Remarkable Quotes - Can't vouch for their authenticity.

Bill of No Rights - Some things just don't change.

Old Rules - Seriously? I guess we just have to think "Ozzie and Harriet" or "Leave It to Beaver".

Life According to Gates - Again, can't vouch for authenticity.

American History Quiz - Short, 20 questions.


Other stuff of interest - Requires a user/password. User is guest and password is the shortest verse in the bible with no space or period.



The pages linked here appear as they did when they first appeared. Only absolutely necessary changes have been made. This is some old HTML here!