Falcon 9

Falcon 9

Falcon 9 launch with Crew Dragon Demo 2 (99.8 kb)
Launch of Falcon 9 with Crew Dragon Demo 2
Credit: SpaceX (Click to enlarge)

Falcon 9 landing at Cape Canaveral (70.1 kb)
Falcon 9 landing at Cape Canaveral
Credit: SpaceX (Click to enlarge)

The Falcon 9 is partially reusable with the first stage able to land on four landing legs (stowed at the base and opening just prior to landing). The first stage may be refurbished and resued, cutting launch costs. The Falcon 9 first stage uses 9 Merlin engines (sea level version). The second stage uses a single vacuum Merlin. The interstage connects the first and second stages and has four hypersonic grid fins to help orient the first stage during reentry.


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