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    Michael López-Alegría [5], Commander (USA)
    Larry Connor [1], Pilot (USA)
    Mark Pathy [1], Mission Specialist (Canada)
    Eytan Stibbe [1], Mission Specialist (Israel)

Backup Crew:
    Peggy Whitson (USA)
    John Shoffner (USA)

    Location: Pad 39A, John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL
    Date: 8 April 2022
    Time: 15:17:12 UTC

    Date: 25 April 2022
    Time: 17:06:00 UTC

    Harmony zenith, 9 April 2022 12:29 UTC - 25 April 2022 01:10 UTC

Duration: 17 days, 1 hours, 48 minutes, 48 seconds

Call Sign: Endeavour

Recovery Vessel: Megan (GO Searcher)

Axiom Space is a company planning for commercial space activities, including space tourism. They have contracted with SpaceX to fly this commercial mission.

This was a planned 10 day stay aboard the International Space Station. The stay was extended due to high winds in the Atlantic recovery area.

Tom Cruise and Doug Liman were originally to fly AX-1, but their flight has been pushed out a year or two.


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