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Axiom Space, Inc.

Axiom Space is a Houston, Texas, based company founded in 2016. It has contracted with NASA to build modules for the International Space Station (ISS). When the ISS reaches end of life and is deorbited, these modules will be detached and be used to form a new commercial space station, Axiom Station. The first module is already in the construction phase and is anticipated to be launched in late 2024.

Axiom also flies privately funded missions to the ISS for research and development. Axiom missions are contracted out to SpaceX.

Axiom Missions

Axiom 1: 8 April 2022 (Complete)
Axiom 2: 21 May 2023 (Complete)
Axiom 3: November 2023
Axiom 4: 2023

Axiom Station / ISS Modules

Axiom Station Full
Breakdown of the Axiom Station
Credit: Axiom Space, Inc.
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Assembly of Axiom modules to the ISS
Credit: Axiom Space, Inc.


SEE-1 Axiom ISS    SEE1 Axiom
Left: SEE-1 attached to Axiom Station before separation from the ISS.   Right: After Axiom Station separates from the ISS
Credit: Space Entertainment Enterprise

SEE-1 is a proposed micro-gravity film, TV, sport and entertainment production andf broadcast module for the Axiom Station, and is to be launched in 2024.

SEE-1 is the brainchild of U.K. based Space Entertainment Enterprise. More information can be found in this January 2022 press release.


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