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    Jared Isaacman [1], Commander (USA)
    Sian Proctor [1], Flight Participant (USA)
    Chris Sembroski [1], Flight Participant (USA)
    Haley Arceneaux [1], Flight Participant (USA)

    Location: LC-39A, John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL
    Date: 16 September 2021
    Time: 00:02:56 UTC

    Date: 18 September 2021
    Time: 23:06:58 UTC
    Location: 80° 18' N, 28° 48' W

Duration: 2 days, 23 hours, 4 minutes, 2 seconds

Call Sign:
  Proctor: Leo
  Sembroski Hanks
  Arceneaux: Nova

Recovery Vessel: Megan (GO Searcher)

This was the first ever all civilian orbital spaceflight. While not visiting the ISS, it was a 3 day research mission to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The orbit of Inspiration4 took it as high as 364 miles (585 km), which is on par with the Hubble space telescope.

Spacecraft used was Resilience.



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