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This site has the basic information on all manned U.S. space flights. These pages are constantly being tuned, improved, and expanded. While sources of information are plentiful, collection, consolidation, and verification are tedious.

Should you notice any typos, omissions, or outright errors, let us know and we'll investigate and correct them. You may do this either via e-mail or through the use of the guest book.

    What does it cost to launch a shuttle mission? ANSWER
    How much does it cost to build a space shuttle? ANSWER
    How many flights can a space shuttle endure? ANSWER
    What are the criteria for a shuttle launch or landing? ANSWER
    Who are the people who have been to the moon? ANSWER
    Why does it take so long for the astronauts to get out of the shuttle after landing? ANSWER
    Have any astronauts flown on all five space shuttles? ANSWER
    Why do your shuttle landing times and durations differ from other sources?
      ANSWER: We consider the end of flight to be at main gear touchdown, not wheel stop. Other sources add in rollout time.

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The weather at Cape Canaveral, from The Weather Channel.

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