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Apollo 9

Mission Number: AS-504
3-13 March 1969

    James McDivitt [2], Commander
    David Scott [2], CSM Pilot
    Russell Schweickart [1], LM Pilot

Backup Crew:
    Charles Conrad, Commander
    Richard Gordon, CSM Pilot
    Alan Bean, LM Pilot

    Location: John F. Kennedy Space Center
    Pad: 39-A
    Date: 3 March 1969
    Time: 16:00:00 UTC

    Mission Duration: 10 days, 1 hours, 1 minutes, 0 seconds
    Orbits: 152
    Max. Altitude: 119.3 statute miles
    EVA#1: 1 hours, 7 minutes
    EVA#2: 1 hours, 1 minutes

    Date: 13 March 1969
    Time: 17:01:00 UTC

    Location: Atlantic Ocean (23° 12.5' N, 67° 56' W)
    Vessel: USS Guadalcanal (LPH-7)

First manned flight of all lunar hardware in Earth orbit. First manned flight of the Lunar Module. The CSM performed docking and undocking exercises with the LM. Schweickart had 37 minutes of EVA. Scott participated in what is referred to as a "stand up EVA".

The Command and Service Module (CSM) was named Gumdrop, and the Lunar Module (LM) was named Spider.

The Apollo 9 command module is on loan from the National Air and Space Museum to the San Diego Aerospace Museum in San Diego, CA.

Launch was by Saturn V.


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