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STS-9 [Flight # 9]28 November - 8 December 1983Columbia [6]

    John Young [6], Commander
    Brewster Shaw [1], Pilot
    Owen Garriott [2], Mission Specialist
    Robert Parker [1], Mission Specialist
    Bryon Lichtenberg [1], Payload Specialist
    Ulf Merbold [1], Payload Specialist (Germany)

    Pad: 39-A [9]
    Date: 28 November 1983
    Time: 16:00:00 UTC

    Altitude: 155 nm
    Inclination: 57 degrees
    Orbits: 167
    Duration: 10 days, 7 hours, 47 minutes, 24 seconds
    Distance: 4,295,853 miles

    Location: Runway 17, Edwards Air Force Base, CA [8]
    Date: 8 December 1983
    Time: 23:47:24 UTC
    Rollout: 53 seconds (2,577 meters, 8,456 feet)

    Ulf Merbold was first astronaut to fly representing the European Space Agency (ESA). There were 73 separate experiments in a wide variety of disciplines in the Spacelab habitable module (LM1).

    A hydrazine leak likely occurred while in orbit. It froze until re-entry when it thawed and started a fire. After the shuttle had landed, there was an explosion. No one knew about the incident until the next day during an inspection of the shuttle.



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