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This page is dedicated to the manned space programs and flights of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Up until the time of Mir, the programs here were carried out by the Soviet Union. When the USSR dissolved on 26 December 1991, Russia inherited this legacy. Even during the time of the Soviet Union, Russians had been the prime movers. This is not to say people from the other Soviet republics were not involved or were insignificant. For example, one need not look far to find contributions from Ukrainians or Kazakhs.

Detailed information is quite obtainable, but tedious to collect, validate and condense. For now, enjoy what there is, and we'll keep adding to it.

We would like to add a word about various Russian and Soviet "mission patches" which appear on some pages. Mission patches have never been a priority item for the Russians, especially before the breakup of the Soviet Union. As a result, there is a strange mixture of original (authentic), commemorative (after the fact), and souvenir (designed by someone in the West to make a few bucks). When we display a mission patch, our intent is to display the spirit of the mission and not necessarily the exact insignia (if any) worn into space.

Features on this site:

    Find astronaut and cosmonaut nationalities, date and place of birth, flights, and EVA's on these pages dedicated to the Astronauts & Cosmonauts.

    We all know about Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, but from where do the Russians launch their manned missions? Here is some information on the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

    Russian Space Dogs - pioneers in space.

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    Human spaceflight missions
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    Russian Space Web

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