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Soyuz T-9
(Salyut 7, PE-2)

    Vladimir Lyakhov [2], Commander
    Aleksandr Aleksandrov [1], Flight Engineer

Backup Crew:
    Vladimir Titov
    Gennadi Strekalov

    Location: Baikonur, Site 1/5
    Date: 27 June 1983
    Time: 09:12:00 UTC

    Date: 23 November 1983
    Time: 19:58:00 UTC

    aft unit of Salyut 7, 28 June 1983 10:46 UTC - 16 August 1983 14:25 UTC
    fore unit of Salyut 7, 16 August 1983 14:45 UTC - 23 November 1983 16:40 UTC

Duration: 149 days, 10 hours, 46 minutes, 0 seconds

Call Sign: Proton

This crew worked aboard the Salyut 7 space station. The station was struck my a micrometeorite on 25 July 1983. A visible mark was left on one of the windows. Another mishap occurred on 9 September when a fuel line ruptured during refuelling by an unmanned Progress cargo ship. The Salyut's control system was damaged and the crew had to take refuge in the Soyuz capsule until ground controllers could be sure the Salyut was safe.

Because of the failure of Soyuz T-10-1, the crew had to stay in orbit well beyond the 100 day safety limitation of the Soyuz T vessels.



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