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The Voskhod ("sunrise") was an enlarged version of the Vostok, and was developed to fill the void when there were delays in the Soyuz program.

The Voskhod 3 mission was initially delayed because of the near disaster with Voskhod 2. Eventually, all follow on Voskhod (3-6) missions were cancelled after the Soyuz 1 disaster.

The Cancelled Flights

Note that there were no official crew assignments made for these four flights. The primary and backup crews listed below is purely speculative. It is correct that one of the flights would be an all female crew.

Voskhod 3
  Date: June 1966
    Georgi Shonin
    Boris Volynov
    Georgi Beregovoi
    Vladimir Shatalov

Voskhod 4
  Date: Fall 1967
    Georgi Beregovoi
    Georgi Katys
    Lev Dyomin
    Georgi Shatalov

Voskhod 5
  Date: Late 1966
    Valentina Ponomaryova
    Irina Solovyova
    Tatyana Kuznetsova
    Zhanna Yerkina

Voskhod 6
  Date: Early 1967
    Yevgeni Khrunov
    Anatoli Voronov
    Viktor Gorbatko
    Pytor Kolodin


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