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Soyuz TMA-10


        Oleg Kotov [1], Commander
        Fyodor Yurchikhin [2], Flight Engineer
        Charles Simonyi [1], Flight Participant (USA)
        Oleg Kotov
        Fyodor Yurchikhin
        Sheikh Muszaphar (Soyuz TMA-11)

Backup Crew:
    Mikhail Korniyenko
    Roman Romanenko

    Location: Baikonur, Site 1/5
    Date: 7 April 2007
    Time: 17:31:14 UTC

    Date: 21 October 2007
    Time: 10:35:49 UTC
    Location: 50° 29' N, 67° 17.3' E

    Zarya nadir, 9 April 2007 19:11 UTC - 27 September 2007 19:20 UTC
    Zvezda aft, 27 September 2007 19:47 UTC - 21 October 2007 07:14 UTC

Duration: 196 days, 17 hours, 4 minutes, 35 seconds

Call Sign: Pulsar

Soyuz TMA-10 was the replacement for Soyuz TMA- 9. The Soyuz is used as a lifeboat for the ISS. Because of fuel degradation, the Soyuz needs to be replaced every six months.

The capsule landed approximately 350 kilometers west of the primary landing site as a result of a ballistic reentry. The ballistic flight mode can not take full advantage of aerodynamic properties of the capsule, which enables a more controlled and gentle descent. The ballistic descent is available as a backup to the nominal aerodynamic flight mode. The crew was subjected to higher than nominal G-loads (as much as 8.5 G), but were otherwise unharmed.



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