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Soyuz TMA-1
(Soyuz Taxi 5)
(Odissea Mission)


        Sergy Zalyotin [2], Commander
        Frank De Winne [1], Flight Engineer (Belgium)
        Yuri Lonchakov [2], Flight Engineer
        Nikolai Budarin (STS-113)
        Kenneth Bowersox (STS-113)
        Donald Pettit (STS-113)

Backup Crew:
    Yuri Lonchakov
    Aleksandr Lazutkin

    Location: Baikonur, Site 1/5
    Date: 30 October 2002
    Time: 03:11:11 UTC

    Date: 4 May 2003
    Time: 02:04:25 UTC
    Location: 49° 37' N, 61° 20' E

    Pirs , 1 November 2002 15:01 UTC - 3 May 2003 22:43 UTC

Duration: 185 days, 22 hours, 53 minutes, 14 seconds

Upload Call Sign: Yenisey
Download Call Sign: Persei

This was the first flight of the next generation Soyuz taxi vehicle, upgraded for use with the International Space Station. Soyuz TMA-1 was the replacement for Soyuz TM-34 The Soyuz is used as a lifeboat for the ISS. Because of fuel degradation, the Soyuz needs to be replaced every six months. The upload crew returned in Soyuz TM-34 after a several day stay aboard the ISS.

American 'N Sync singer Lance Bass was slated to become the third paid tourist to travel to the International Space Station, but his failure to raise the needed (US)$20 million caused him to be replaced by Yuri Lonchakov.

This Soyuz landing marked the first time American astronauts have returned in a foreign craft. Dennis Tito, an American tourist did return in Soyuz TM-31 in May of 2001 after a short stay aboard the ISS.

This first landing of the Soyuz-TMA craft came about 285 miles (460 km) short of the targeted landing area. Investigation of the probable cause of the ballistic reentry indicates a technical problem with a computer program.



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