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Soyuz TM-32
(Soyuz Taxi 2)


        Talgat Musabayev [3], Commander
        Yuri Baturin [2], Flight Engineer
        Dennis Tito [1], Flight Participant (USA)
        Viktor Afanasyev (Soyuz TM-33)
        Claudie Haigneré (Soyuz TM-33)
        Konstantin Kozeyev (Soyuz TM-33)

Backup Crew:
    Viktor Afanasyev
    Konstantin Kozeyev

    Location: Baikonur, Site 1/5
    Date: 28 April 2001
    Time: 07:37:20 UTC

    Date: 31 October 2001
    Time: 04:59:26 UTC
    Location: 46° 45' N, 69° 43' E

    Zarya nadir, 30 April 2001 07:58 UTC - 19 October 2001 10:48 UTC
    Pirs , 19 October 2001 11:04 UTC - 31 October 2001 01:38 UTC

Duration: 185 days, 21 hours, 22 minutes, 6 seconds

Upload Call Sign: Kristall (Crystal)
Download Call Sign: Derbent

Soyuz TM-32 was the replacement for Soyuz TM-31.  The Soyuz is used as a lifeboat for the ISS. Because of fuel degradation, the Soyuz needs to be replaced every six months. The upload crew returned in Soyuz TM-31 after a short stay aboard the ISS.

American businessman and former NASA engineer Dennis Tito paid Russia about (US)$20 million for the trip, making him the first space tourist. He stayed aboard the space station from April 30 to May 5, 2001.



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