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Soyuz 18-1

    Vasily Lazarev [2], Commander
    Oleg Makarov [2], Flight Engineer

Backup Crew:
    Pyotr Klimuk
    Vitali Sevastyanov

    Location: Baikonur, Site 1/5
    Date: 5 April 1975
    Time: 11:04:54 UTC

    Date: 5 April 1975
    Time: 11:26:21 UTC
    Location: 50° 50' N, 83° 25' E

Duration: 21 minutes, 27 seconds

Call Sign: Ural (Urals)

The flight was aborted shortly after launch due to a stage separation failure. The crew was safely recovered, although both were injured as they experienced a brutal 12-18 g's. Makarov recovered and flew again. For Lazarev, the injuries prevented him from going into space again. Because of the altitude attained (180 km), this mission is classed as a space flight and is the only Soviet suborbital space flight.

The landing was near the Chinese border. The cosmonauts feared they may have actually ended up in China and faced arrest. It took nearly 24 hours for recovery teams to reach them.



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