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Vostok 2


    Gherman Titov [1], Commander

Backup Crew:
    Andrian Nikolayev

    Location: Baikonur
    Date: 6 August 1961
    Time: 06:00:00 UTC

    Date: 7 August 1961
    Time: 07:18:00 UTC
    Location: 50° 51.2' N, 47° 1.2' E

Duration: 1 days, 1 hours, 18 minutes, 0 seconds

Call Sign: Orel (Eagle)

General Kamanin (cosmonaut commander) and V. I. Yazdivsky (spaceflight doctor) wanted to proceed cautiously and recommended only 3 orbits. Political pressure was applied to go for a full day. Politics won. Titov did suffer from space sickness, but that passed after a few orbits.

It would be a full year before the next Vostok flight. Doctors wanted to study Titov for possible effects of the weightlessness.


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