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Soyuz TMA-3
(Expedition 8)
(Cervantes Mission)

soyuzTMA3  soyuzTMA3s

        Aleksandr Kaleri [4], Commander
        Colin Foale [6], Flight Engineer (USA)
        Pedro Duque [2], Flight Engineer (Spain)
        Aleksandr Kaleri
        Colin Foale
        AndrĂ© Kuipers (Soyuz TMA-4)

Backup Crew:
    Valery Tokarev
    William McArthur (USA)
    AndrĂ© Kuipers (Netherlands)

    Location: Baikonur, Site 1/5
    Date: 18 October 2003
    Time: 05:38:03 UTC

    Date: 30 April 2004
    Time: 00:11:15 UTC
    Location: 50° 0' N, 67° 0' E

    Pirs , 20 October 2003 07:16 UTC - 29 April 2004 20:52 UTC

Duration: 194 days, 18 hours, 33 minutes, 12 seconds

Call Sign: Ingul

Soyuz TMA-3 was the replacement for Soyuz TMA-2. The Soyuz is used as a lifeboat for the ISS. Because of fuel degradation, the Soyuz needs to be replaced every six months. Duque returned with the Expedition 7 crew in Soyuz TMA-2 after a several day stay aboard the ISS.



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