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Soyuz TM-17
(Mir EO-14)

mir14  soyuzTM17

        Vasili Tsibliyev [1], Commander
        Aleksandr Serebrov [4], Flight Engineer
        Jean-Pierre Haigneré [1], Research Cosmonaut (France)
        Vasili Tsibliyev
        Aleksandr Serebrov

Backup Crew:
    Viktor Afanasyev
    Yuri Usachyov
    Claudie Haigneré (France)

    Location: Baikonur, Site 1/5
    Date: 1 July 1993
    Time: 14:32:58 UTC

    Date: 14 January 1994
    Time: 08:18:20 UTC
    Location: 49° 37' N, 70° 7' E

    fore unit of Mir, 3 July 1993 16:24 UTC - 14 July 1994 04:37 UTC

Duration: 196 days, 17 hours, 45 minutes, 22 seconds

Call Sign: Sirius

Mir Mission Designation: EO-14

After undocking from Mir, there was an over flight inspection of the station. On at least two occasions, the Soyuz collided with the Kristall module of Mir. It turned out the crew had taken a few extra "souvenirs" with them, which overloaded the Soyuz capsule and interfered with the attitude control system. Strict packing guidelines were enforced thereafter.



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