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Soyuz MS-10


    Alexi Ovchinin, Commander
    Tyler N. Hague, Flight Engineer

    Oleg Kononenko
    David Saint-Jacques

    Location: Baikonur
    Date: 11 October 2018
    Time: 08:40:15 UTC

    Date: 11 October 2018
    Time: 09:14:00 UTC (approximate)
    Location: 20km East of Jezkazgan, Kazakhstan

Duration: About 34 minutes

Call Sign: Burlak

Wnen the strap on boosters separated at 2 minutes, 45 seconds into the flight, one failed to separate and push away properly. It impacted the second stage booster, causing a fuel tank to rupture and the rocket to lose attitude control. The flight was aborted and the crew landed safely. Because of insufficient altitude (45-50 km), Soyuz MS-10 is not classified as a space flight.


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