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STS-2 [Flight # 2]
12-14 November 1981

    Joseph Engle [4], Commander
    Richard Truly [1], Pilot

    Pad: 39-A [2]
    Date: 12 November 1981
    Time: 15:09:59 UTC

    Altitude: 157 nm
    Inclination: 38 degrees
    Orbits: 37
    Duration: 2 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes, 12 seconds
    Distance: 1,074,567 miles

    Location: Runway 23, Edwards Air Force Base, CA [2]
    Date: 14 November 1981
    Time: 21:23:11 UTC
    Rollout: 53 seconds (2,350 meters, 7,711 feet)

Backup Crew:
    Thomas Mattingly, Commander
    Henry Hartsfield, Pilot

    Modifications to reduce overpressure during launch were successful. No tiles were lost, and only twelve damaged during the flight. However, the flight had to be cut short by 3 days due to the failure of one of the fuel cells.
    Earth observation experiments mounted on a Spacelab pallet were performed on this second test flight.
    This flight also marked the first flight of the Canadarm Remote Manipulator System (RMS).


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