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Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Mission Number: ASTP (AS-210)
15-24 July 1975

    Thomas Stafford [4], Commander
    Vance Brand [1], Command Module Pilot
    Donald Slayton [1], Docking Module Pilot

Backup Crew:
    Alan Bean, Commander
    Ronald Evans, Command Module Pilot
    Jack Lousma, Docking Module Pilot

    Location: John F. Kennedy Space Center
    Pad: 39-B
    Date: 15 July 1975
    Time: 17:50:00 UTC

    Mission Duration: 9 days, 1 hours, 28 minutes, 24 seconds
    Orbits: 145

Soyuz docking:
    Soyuz 19, 17 July 1975 16:09 UTC - 19 July 1975 12:03 UTC
    Soyuz 19, 19 July 1975 12:34 UTC - 19 July 1975 15:26 UTC

    Date: 24 July 1975
    Time: 19:18:24 UTC

    Location: Pacific Ocean (21° 52' N, 162° 45' W)
    Vessel: USS New Orleans (LPH-11)

The Apollo rendezvous and docking with the Soviet Soyuz occurred on 17 July 1975. This was the first space flight for Donald K. (Deke) Slayton, one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, who was grounded with a heart murmur. The Apollo portion of ASTP is often (erroneously) referred to as Apollo 18. The capsule had originally been slated for the Apollo 18 lunar mission, which was cancelled.

A crisis occurred when ASTP was landing. The attitude control thrusters had been left on and fumes flooded the capsule during pressure equalization. This was very dangerous because the astronauts were not wearing pressure suits. The capsule inverted when it hit the water. Stafford was able to get out of his seat and get oxygen masks for the crew. Brand had already passed out.

The Soyuz flight (Soyuz 19) was flown 15-21 July 1975. It carried two crew members, Alexei A. Leonov and Valeri N. Kubasov.

The ASTP command module is currently on display at the California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles, CA.

Launch vehicle was a Saturn IB.

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Historic handshake between Alexei Leonov and Thomas Stafford. Credit: NASA
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ASTP on display
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Archived NASA page for ASTP


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