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Gemini 3
Molly Brown

Mission Number: GT-03
23 March 1965

    Virgil Grissom [2], Commander
    John Young [1], Pilot

Backup Crew:
    Walter Schirra, Commander
    Thomas Stafford, Pilot

    Location: Cape Kennedy Air Force Station
    Pad: LC-19
    Date: 23 March 1965
    Time: 14:24:00 UTC

    Mission Duration: 4 hours, 52 minutes, 31 seconds
    Orbits: 3

    Date: 23 March 1965
    Time: 19:16:31 UTC

    Location: Atlantic Ocean (22° 26' N, 70° 51' W)
    Vessel: USS Intrepid (CVS-11)

Grissom, having lost Liberty Bell 7 at sea, named this craft "Molly Brown" after "The Unsinkable Molly Brown",  a popular musical of the era.  NASA disapproved and thereafter did not permit the astronauts to name their capsules until Apollo.

Grissom smuggled aboard a corned beef sandwich, which he ate during the flight. Crumbs from the sandwich posed a safety hazard and NASA thereafter became more stringent about what the astronauts could or could not bring into space.

Gemini 3 can be found at the Grissom Memorial, Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN.


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