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STS-1 [Flight # 1]12-14 April 1981Columbia [1]

    John Young [5], Commander
    Robert Crippen [1], Pilot

    Pad: 39-A [1]
    Date: 12 April 1981
    Time: 12:00:03 UTC

    Altitude: 166 nm
    Inclination: 40.3 degrees
    Orbits: 37
    Duration: 2 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 54 seconds
    Distance: 1,074,567 miles

    Location: Runway 23, Edwards Air Force Base, CA [1]
    Date: 14 April 1981
    Time: 18:20:57 UTC
    Rollout: 1 minute (2,741 meters, 8,993 feet)

Backup Crew:
    Joseph Engle, Commander
    Richard Truly, Pilot

    This flight was a check of the overall Shuttle system, with the objective of a safe launch and return to Earth. Sixteen heat shield tiles were lost, and another 148 damaged. The loss of these tiles was determined to be from an overpressure wave which occurred during launch. Modifications were made to eliminate this problem.


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