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Probes to Mercury and Venus

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Venus (left) was long considered to be Earth's twin. Because of the cloud cover, it was also a planet of mystery. Many science fiction writers pictured it as a luxurious rain forest. Probes to Venus have revealed it to be very hot, turbulent, and possessing a deadly acidic atmosphere.

Mercury (right) has proven to be very scarred and battered.




Images of Venus
v09_lander_proc.gif (63005 bytes)
From Venera 9
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mgn_venus.gif (741912 bytes)
Magellan radar image of Wheatley crater (Asteria Regio at 16.6N,267E) on Venus.
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v10_lander_proc.jpg (65636 bytes)
From Venera 10
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Images of Mercury

m10_mercury.gif (801696 bytes)
From Mariner 10
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