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Moon Probes

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The moon has held our interest since the beginning of recorded history. It was only natural that it would be the first target of space probes beyond our own atmosphere.

Looking for moon phases? Moon phases from 1760 to 2199 are available here.

NOTE: The manned Apollo Lunar missions are not included here. For a description of the Apollo missions, visit WorldSpaceFlight's Project Apollo pages.

Lunar Photos

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schmitt_boulder.jpg (231201 bytes)
Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt standing next to boulder at Taurus-Littrow during third EVA.
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Close-up of the crater Copernicus taken by the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. (Hubble)
earthrise.jpg (21040 bytes)
This is one of the more famous images of the Earth from the Apollo program, taken by the Apollo 8 astronauts as they became the first humans to circumnavigate the Moon.
earth_moon.jpg (26664 bytes)
This image was taken by Galileo as it flew by the Earth-Moon system in
far_side.jpg (28598 bytes)
The lunar farside. This full-disk view, obtained by the U.S. Clementine spacecraft, shows that there are few maria on the side of the Moon that faces away from the
a13_farside.jpg (49451 bytes)
View of the lunar farside showing crater Tsiolkovsky from Apollo 13.


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