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Missions Flown

Roberta BondarSTS-42
Marc Garneau41-G; STS-77; STS-97
Chris Hadfield *STS-74; STS-100; Soyuz TMA-07M
Steven MacLean *STS-52; STS-115
Julie PayetteSTS-96; STS-127
David Saint-JacquesSoyuz MS-11
Robert ThirskSTS-78; Soyuz TMA-15
Bjarni TryggvasonSTS-85
Dafydd Williams *STS-90; STS-118

* Hadfield was the first Canadian to perform an EVA (twice aboard STS-100).
  MacLean had an EVA on STS-115.
  Williams had three EVA's on STS-118.
  Hadfield served as a member of ISS Expedition 34 and as Commander of ISS Expedition 35.


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