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Roberta Lynn Bondar

Born: 4 December 1945, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Nationality: Canadian


Group: CSA Group 1 (5 December 1983)

Status: Resigned


FAI Flights:
1STS-4222 January 19928 days, 1 hours, 14 minutes, 44 seconds

  BS (Zoology and Agriculture), University of Geulph, 1968
  MS (Experimental Pathology), University of Western Ontario, 1971
  Ph.D (Neurobiology), University of Toronto, 1974
  MD  McMaster University, 1977

Roberta was the first Canadian woman to go into space. She is a medical doctor with her degree from McMaster University. She was a payload specialist on STS-42. She left the program in the summer of 1992 to return to her research.


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