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Space Tourists

Dennis Tito 28 April 2001 Soyuz-TM 32
Mark Shuttleworth 25 April 2002 Soyuz-TM 34
Gregory Olsen 1 October 2005 Soyuz-TMA 7
Anousheh Ansari 18 September 2006 Soyuz-TMA 9
Charles Simonyi 7 April 2007
26 March 2009
Soyuz-TMA 10
Soyuz-TMA 14
Richard Garriott 12 October 2008 Soyuz-TMA 13
Guy Laliberté 30 September 2009 Soyuz-TMA 16
Sergei Kostenko   Backup to Gregory Olsen
  (Kostenko is vice-president of Space Adventures and a reluctant backup)
Esther Dyson   Backup to Charles Simonyi (on Soyuz-TMA 14)
Nik Halik   Backup to Richard Garriott
Barbara Barrett   Backup to Guy Laliberté
James 'Lance' Bass   Dropped when his funding fell apart
Sarah Brightman   Was slated to fly on Soyuz TMA-18M but withdrew
Daisuke Enomoto   Dropped due to medical condition
Lori Beth Garver   Withdrew after the Columbia disaster


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