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Brian Binnie

Born: 1953, United States

Nationality: American


Group: SpaceShipOne (11 September 2003)

Group2: SpaceShipTwo (28 September 2006)

Status: Retired


FAI Flights:
1SpaceShipOne 17P4 October 200424 minutes, 0 seconds

Brian was the first to exceed the sound barrier in a civilian designed and built aircraft in SpaceShipOne on 17 December 2003. His 4 October 2004 flight was the first to exceed the maximum altitude record set by Joseph Walker in a X-15 on 22 August 1963.

Brian's SpaceShipOne log:
1) Flight 10G, 4 December 2003, glide test
2) Flight 11P, 17 December 2003, first powered test, first civilian aircraft to exceed the sound barrier
3) Flight 17P, 4 October 2004, X-Prize winning flight, breaking the X-15 altitude record


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