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William Brian Binnie

Born: 26 April 1953, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States

Nationality: American

Died: 15 September 2022

Group: SpaceShipOne (11 September 2003)

Group2: SpaceShipTwo (28 September 2006)

Status: Deceased


FAI Flights:
1SpaceShipOne 17P4 October 200424 minutes, 0 seconds

  BS (Aerospace Engineering), Brown University, 1975
  MS (Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics), Brown University, 1976
  MS (Aerospace Engineering), Princeton University, 1978
  US Naval Test Pilot School, 1988

Brian was the first to exceed the sound barrier in a civilian designed and built aircraft in SpaceShipOne on 17 December 2003. His 4 October 2004 flight was the first to exceed the maximum altitude record set by Joseph Walker in a X-15 on 22 August 1963.

Brian's SpaceShipOne log:
1) Flight 10G, 4 December 2003, glide test
2) Flight 11P, 17 December 2003, first powered test, first civilian aircraft to exceed the sound barrier
3) Flight 17P, 4 October 2004, X-Prize winning flight, breaking the X-15 altitude record


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