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"The Bugs"


Click to enlarge - Credit: NASA

Front row, left to right: Robert Behnken, Nicole Stott, Kevin Ford, Eric Boe, Timothy Kopra Middle row: Terry Virts, Karen Nyberg, Megan McArthur, Michael Barrett, Andrew Feustel Back row: Stephen Bowen, Michael Good, Barry Wilmore, Douglas Hurley, Dominic Antonelli, Ronald Garan


Credit: NASA

Back row: Alvin Drew, Robert Behnken, Megan McArthur, Barry Wilmore, Kevin Ford, Dominic Antonelli, Ronald Garan, Michael Good
Front row: Stephen Bowen, Andrew Feustel, Karen Nyberg, Terry Virts, Douglas Hurley, Michael Barrett, Nicole Stott, Eric Boe, Timothy Kopra

Special thanks to Jerry Wright, JSC

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