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Credit: NASA

Top row: James P. Bagian, John E. Blaha, Charles F. Bolden Jr., Roy D. Bridges Jr., Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, Mary L. Cleave, Bonnie J. Dunbar
2nd row: William F. Fisher, Guy S. Gardner, Ronald J. Grabe, David C. Hilmers, David C. Leestma, John M. Lounge, Claude Nicollier
3rd row: Wubbo J. Ockels, Bryan D. O'Connor, Richard N. Richards, Jerry L. Ross, Michael J. Smith, Sherwood C. Spring, Robert C. Springer

Nicollier and Ockels are actually part of ESA Group 1 from May 1978 and joined with NASA Group 9 for training purposes.

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