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Soviet Photo Album, page 2

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Soviet shuttle Buran shown piggy-backed to an AN-225 transport.
Buran shown landing, with fighter escort. buran-land.jpg
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Buran shown on the launch pad.
Russian Spaceflights Control Center. control.gif
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sovietmoonsuit Soviet moon suit, called Krechet (Tamed Falcon).
Liftoff of Vostok 1. vostok1
soyuz1 crash
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Scene of the Soyuz 1 crash.
Laika ("barker"), the first animal into space aboard Sputnik 2 (3 November 1957). She died in space several hours after the launch. She was also referred to as "Muttnik" in the press. Laikal
Laikal 2 Another photo of Laika.


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