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Alvin Swauger White

Alvin White

Born: 9 December 1918, Berkeley, California, United States

Nationality: American

Died: 29 April 2006

Group: Man In Space Soonest (25 June 1958)

Group2: X-15 Pilots 1 ( 1957)

Status: Deceased

  BS (Mechanical Engineering), University of California - Berkeley, 1947

White was backup to Scott Crossfield for the X-15. He had the same training as Crossfield, but never did fly the X-15. He did fly many of the chase planes for X-15 flights. He was the pilot on the XB-70 when it collided with an F-104 piloted by former X-15 pilot Joe Walker. Walker and White's co-pilot on the XB-70 were killed. White was able to eject and survived.


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