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Rick Douglas Husband

Born: 12 July 1957, Amarillo, Texas, United States

Nationality: American

Died: 1 February 2003 (Breakup of Columbia on STS-107)

Group: NASA Group 15 (8 December 1994)

Status: Deceased


FAI Flights:
1STS-9627 May 19999 days, 19 hours, 13 minutes, 1 seconds
2STS-10716 January 200315 days, 22 hours, 20 minutes, 22 seconds

  BS (Mechanical Engineering), Texas Tech University, 1980
  MS (Mechanical Engineering), California State University – Fresno, 1990

STS-107 Mission Commander Rick Husband was married with two children. Husband was a colonel in the United States Air Force. He had a master's degree in mechanical engineering from California State University, Fresno.


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