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Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov
( Влади́мир Миха́йлович Комаро́в )

Vladimir Komarov

Born: 16 March 1927, Moscow, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Died: 24 April 1967 (Crash of Soyuz)

Group: Air Force Group 1 (7 March 1960)

Status: Deceased


FAI Flights:
12 October 1964
1 days, 0 hours, 17 minutes, 3 seconds
23 April 1967
1 days, 2 hours, 47 minutes, 52 seconds

Komarov, a colonel in the Soviet Air Force, knew there were serious problems with the Soyuz and was sure he would not return alive. He would not back down from the mission because he knew that if he did, his good friend and back up, Yuri Gagarin, would be assigned to Soyuz in his place. He was married and had two children.


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