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European Astronaut Corps

Franco Malerba1978Inactive
Ulf Merbold1978Retired
Claude Nicollier1978Retired
Wubbo Ockels1978Deceased
Dirk Frimout1985Retired
Maurizio Cheli1992Retired
Jean-François Clervoy1992Inactive
Pedro Duque1992Inactive
Arne Fuglesang1992Inactive
Marianne Merchez1992Retired
Thomas Reiter1992Inactive
Jean-Pierre Haigneré1998Inactive
Umberto Guidoni1998Inactive
Gerhard Thiele1998Inactive
Frank De Winne1998Inactive
Léopold Eyharts1998Inactive
André Kuipers1998Inactive
Paolo Nespoli1998Inactive
Hans Schlegel1998Inactive
Roberto Vittori1998Inactive
Reinhold Ewald1999Inactive
Claudie Haigneré1999Inactive
Philippe Perrin1999Inactive
Michel Tognini1999Inactive
Samantha Cristoforetti2009Active
Alexander Gerst2009Active
Matthias Maurer2009Active
Andreas Mogensen2009Active
Luca Parmitano2009Active
Timothy Peake2009Active
Thomas Pesquet2009Active

Notes: Jean-Pierre Haigneré is currently senior advisor to the ESA Director of Launchers.
   Claudie Haigneré is currently Minister for Research and New Technologies in the French government.
   Michel Tognini became head of the Astronaut Division of the ESA in May 2003.
   Philippe Perrin left to become a test pilot with Airbus Industries in May 2004.
   Umberto Guidoni became a Member of the European Parliament in July 2004.
   Thomas Reiter left to join the Executive Board of the German Space Agency in October 2007.
   Pedro Duque left to become Director of Operations of the Spanish User Support and Operations Centre (USOC) in Madrid.
   Reinhold Ewald is presently heading the Flight Operations Division within the ESA.
   Gerhard Thiele became Resident Fellow with the European Space Policy Institute in Vienna, Austria on 1 April 2010.

Europeans who have flown but are not in the European Astronaut Corps [1]

Sigmund Jähn1976Deceased
Vladimir Remek1976Retired
Patrick Baudry1980Retired
Jean-Loup Chrétien1980Retired
Reinhard Furrer1982Deceased
Ernst Messerschmid1982Retired
Jean-Jacques Favier1985Retired
Ulrich Walter1987Retired
Franz Viehböck1989Retired
Helen Sharman1989Retired
Klaus-Dietrich Flade1990Retired

1. Not listed are astronauts from non-ESA member nations, such as Poland or Bulgaria.


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