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Missions Flown

Eleven of the ESA member countries have had men and/or women in space. Not all of these have flown under the auspices of theESA.

Patrick BaudryFrance51-G
Maurizio CheliItalySTS-75
Jean-Loup ChretienFranceSoyuz T-6; Soyuz TM-7; STS-86
Jean-Françis ClervoyFranceSTS-66; STS-84; STS-103
Samantha CristoforettiItalySoyuz TMA-15M
Frank De WinneBelgiumSoyuz TMA-1; Soyuz TMA-15
Pedro DuqueSpainSTS-95; Soyuz TMA-3
Reinhold EwaldGermanySoyuz TM-25
Léopold EyhartsFranceSoyuz TM-27; STS-122
Jean-Jacques FavierFranceSTS-78
Klaus-Dietrich FladeGermanySoyuz TM-14
Dirk FrimoutBelgiumSTS-45
Arne FuglesangSwedenSTS-116; STS-128
Reinhard FurrerGermany61-A
Alexander GerstGermanySoyuz TMA-13M; Soyuz MS-09
Umberto GuidoniItalySTS-75; STS-100
Claudie HaigneréFranceSoyuz TM-24; Soyuz TM-33
Jean-Pierre HaigneréFranceSoyuz TM-17; Soyuz TM-29
Sigmund JähnGermanySoyuz 31
André KuipersNetherlandsSoyuz TMA-4; Soyuz TMA-03M
Franco MalerbaItalySTS-46
Ulf MerboldGermanySTS-9; STS-42; Soyuz TM-20
Ernst MesserschmidGermany61-A
Paolo NespoliItalySTS-120; Soyuz TMA-20; Soyuz MS-05
Claude NicollierSwitzerlandSTS-46; STS-61; STS-75; STS-103
Wubbo OckelsNetherlands61-A
Luca ParmitanoItalySoyuz TMA-09M; Soyuz MS-13
Timothy PeakeUnited KingdomSoyuz TMA-19M
Philippe PerrinFranceSTS-111
Thomas PesquetFranceSoyuz MS-03
Thomas ReiterGermanySoyuz TM-22; STS-121
Vladimir RemekCzech RepublicSoyuz 28
Hans SchlegelGermanySTS-55; STS-122
Helen SharmanUnited KingdomSoyuz TM-12
Gerhard ThieleGermanySTS-99
Michel TogniniFranceSoyuz TM-15; STS-93
Franz ViehböckAustriaSoyuz TM-13
Roberto VittoriItalySoyuz TM-34; Soyuz TMA-6; STS-134
Ulrich WalterGermanySTS-55

Astronauts flying under an authority other than the ESA:

  Jähn - only flight
  Chretien - all flights
  Baudry - first flight
  Tognini - all flights
  J. Haigneré - all flights
  Favier - first flight
  C. Haigneré - all flights, second was joint ESA/CNES
  Eyharts - first flight
  Furrer - first flight
  Messerschmid - first flight
  Flade - first flight
  Ewald - first flight
  Schlegel - first flight
  Walter - first flight
  Malerba - first flight
  Guidoni - first flight
  Viehböck - first flight
Belgium (in agreement with the ESA)
  Frimout - first flight
Private financing
  Sharman - first flight

* GDR - German Democratic Republic
DFLVR - Predecessor to the DLR
DARA - Merged with DLR in 1997


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