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Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Jiuquan (also known in the West as Shuang Cheng Tzu) is located in western Gansu Province in northwest China (41.10° N, 100.30° E). The center is large, covering about 2,800 square kilometers. This is China's first launch center. Construction began in 1958, with the first launch occurring on September 1, 1960. This is where all recoverable and most science satellites are launched, including the Shenzhou. Jiuquan is limited to southeastern launches in the 57-70° range so as to avoid over-flight of Russia and Mongolia. Due to these restrictions, most commercial launches occur elsewhere. The weather is suitable for launches about 300 days each year.

A vertical assembly building and mobile launch pad for the CZ-2E/CZ-2F became operational in 1999. The VAB is 81.6m (267 feet) tall.

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Gansu Province is south of Mongolia and southwest of Inner Mongolia.

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Jiuquan is near the far right.


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