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ShenZhou 3

    Date: 25 March 2002
    Time: 14:15 UTC
    Date: 1 April 2002
    Time: 08:51 UTC
Duration: 6 days, 18 hours, 36 minutes
Orbits: 107

The flight took place after several delays due to "quality control" issues. The first launch attempt was intended for August 2001, but called off due to issues with the CZ-2F launcher. The next attempt was to be in January 2002, but postponed due to problems with avionics (possibly the environmental control system). ShenZhou 3 flew with two (possibly three) life-sized dummies aboard, along with 13 experiments in the descent module and another 31 experiments in the orbital module. The orbital module continued in space for over seven months before reentering on 12 November 2002.

shenzhou3.jpg (70598 bytes)   The ShenZhou 3 descent module after landing.


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