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Tianzhou ('Heavenly Ship')

Tianzhou is a cargo spacecraft designed to supply the Tiangong space station. It made its debut in 2017 when it resupplied Tiangong 1. Tianzhou can carry a payload of up to 6,500 kg.

Tianzhou Missions

CraftLaunch DateLaunch TimeInitial Dock DateInital Dock TimeFinal Undock DateFinal Undock TimeReentry DateReentry TimeStationNotes
Tianzhou 120 April 201711:41:0021 April 201704:16:0022 September 201708:15:0022 September 201710:00:00Tiangong 1fore port
Tianzhou 229 May 202112:55:0029 May 202121:01:0027 March 202207:59:0031 March 202210:40:00TiangongTianhe aft, relocated to Tianhe forward on 18 Sept 2021
Tianzhou 320 September 202107:10:0020 September 202114:08:00    TiangongTianhe aft
Tianzhou 49 May 202217:56:3710 May 202200:54:00    Tiangong 


Upcoming Flights
NameLaunch DateStation
Tianzhou 5October 2022Tiangong


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