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15 July 1986

Assigned Crew:
    Robert Crippen, Commander
    Guy Gardner, Pilot
    Richard Mullane, Mission Specialist
    Jerry Ross, Mission Specialist
    Dale Gardner, Mission Specialist
    Edward Aldridge, Payload Specialist
    John Watterson, Payload Specialist

    Location: Vandenberg SLC-6
    Date: 15 July 1986

    Vandenberg, Runway 12

Crew photo
62-a Crew Photo

This was to have been the first manned launch from Vandenberg. The mission was to deliver a military reconnaissance payload into polar orbit and would have launched southward. In the aftermath of Challenger, the military withdrew its participation in the space shuttle project and launches from Vandenberg were no longer an option.

What it would have looked like:

Enterprise Gallery Final Look
Shuttle Enterprise sitting on SLC-6 Close-up of Enterprise at SLC-6


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