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Quest Joint Airlock

Prior to the installation of the airlock, spacewalks could only be performed when a shuttle was docked to the station. The new airlock will permit independent spacewalks and accommodates either Russian or American spacesuits.

Airlock Specifications (credit NASA):
    Material: Aluminum
    Length: 5.5 meters (18 ft.)
    Diameter: 4 meters (13 ft.)
    Weight: 6,064 kilograms (13,368 lbs.)
    Volume: 34 cubic meters (1,200 cu ft.)
    Cost: $164 million, including tanks

airlock.jpg (36566 bytes)
Credit: NASA

JointAirlock.gif (54786 bytes)
Credit: NASA
Joint Airlock being moved to the cargo canister.
(click image for a larger view)
7a.jpg (8844 bytes)
Credit: NASA
Relative position of the airlock on the station.
quest1.jpg (17274 bytes)
Credit: NASA
Quest airlock as seen from inside the ISS during STS-112.
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