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Expedition 1

    William Shepherd, Expedition Commander (USA)
    Yuri Gidzenko (Russia)
    Sergei Krikalyov (Russia)

    Kenneth Bowersox (USA)
    Vladimir Dezhurov (Russia)
    Mikhail Tyurin (Russia)

Upload Flight(s):
    Soyuz TM-31

Return Flight(s):

Dates: 2 November 2000 - 18 March 2001

Expedition 1 Crew

Actual station departure dates were staggered. Gidzenko departed March 10, Krikalyov departed 12 March, and Shepherd departed 14 March.

Objectives: The first crew was on a housekeeping mission. They activated and tested various components, did troubleshooting on problems (such as power problems from malfunctioning batteries), and generally got the station ready for future crews. They were responsible for bringing the Destiny module online.


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