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Expedition 2

    Yuri Usachyov, Expedition Commander (Russia)
    James Voss (USA)
    Susan Helms (USA)

    Yuri Onufrienko (Russia)
    Carl Walz (USA)
    Daniel Bursch (USA)

Upload Flight(s):

Return Flight(s):

Dates: 18 March 2001 - 13 August 2001

Expedition 2 Crew

Actual station occupancy dates were staggered. Usachyov moved in 10 March, Voss moved in 12 March, and Helms moved in 14 March. The staggered dates allowed for a smooth transition from one crew to another.

Usachyov was the station's first Russian commander. Helms was the first woman occupant.

Objectives: The crew was the first to begin experiments on the station. Approximately 20% of their time was devoted to experiments.


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