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Destiny Laboratory Module

This module serves as a micro-gravity laboratory for scientific experiments in space. It is a US contribution to the International Space Station.

The lab consists of three cylindrical sections and two endcones with hatches mate to other station components. A 50.9-centimeter- (20-inch-) diameter window is located on one side of the center module segment. This pressurized module is designed to accommodate pressurized payloads. It has a capacity of 24 rack locations. Payload racks will occupy 13 locations specially designed to support experiments.

destiny.jpg (14456 bytes)
Credit: NASA
Destiny being lifted out of the shuttle cargo bay by the robot arm.
destiny_inside.jpg (22414 bytes)
Credit: NASA
Astronaut James S. Voss performs a task at a work station in the Destiny laboratory as a "guest" arrives from the Space Shuttle Discovery. Astronaut Scott J. Horowitz, STS-105 mission commander, floats through the hatchway leading to the Unity node.
5a.jpg (3879 bytes)
Credit: NASA
Drawing showing the location of the Destiny Laboratory Module.


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