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P6 Integrated Truss Structure

During shuttle mission STS-97, Space Shuttle Endeavour delivered the first set of U.S.-provided solar arrays and batteries, called the P6 Photovoltaic Module, and temporarily installed the P6 Integrated Truss Structure on the Z1 Truss until it is relocated to its permanent location on the P5 Truss during a later assembly mission.

The P6 Integrated Truss Structure contains three discrete elements: the Photovoltaic Array Assembly, the Integrated Equipment Assembly and the Long Spacer.

The P6 has four primary functions: the conversion or generation, storage, regulation and distribution of electrical power for the space station.

The station derives its power from the conversion of solar energy into electrical power. The Photovoltaic Power Module performs this energy conversion.

The truss was moved to its permanent location on 30 October 2007. One of the solar arrays tore during re-deployment. Repairs were made on 3 November 2007.

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Credit: NASA
p6truss_installed.jpg (9910 bytes)
Credit: NASA
The ISS shown in a 9 December 2000, fly-around byt the shuttle Endeavour, showing the newly installed solar arrays on the P6 truss.
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Credit: NASA
Integrated Truss Structure P6, photovoltaic module, and radiators.


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