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Nauka MLM


Nauka was originally a backup for the Zarya module Construction began in 1995. The decision to convert the unused module to a science module was made in 2004. After a number of launch delays, a problem in the fuel system was discovered in 2013. Further concerns kept delaying launch until July 2021.

Nauka will be docked at Zvezda's nadir port. replacing Pirs.

Nauka carries the European Robotic Arm, completed and stored for 15 years awaiting launch.

The Prichal Node Module will be docked to the nadir port of Nauka.

  Length: 13 m (43 ft)
  Diameter: 4.25 m (14 ft)

nauka-sm.jpg (39930 bytes)
Credit: RSC Energia
Nauka during launch preparation, July 2021.
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nauka-diagram-sm.jpg (24687 bytes)
Credit: Roscosmos
An internal cut-away showing the layout of Nauka.
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